Monday, October 01, 2007

Fun with Animals!!!

Lately I've been taking these quick trips over to the Los Angeles Zoo, which is no more than a five minute drive from where I currently work. It's a damn good excuse to get away from the office and get some air for an hour or so, but more importantly it gives me the frequent opportunity to draw and caricature live animals... This Giraffe I felt had a VERY muscular I thought I'd play with it a little.
Not a lot of exaggeration done here...just a simple perspective study.
Being a born and raised Floridian, I've seen a LOT of alligators in my day...but NEVER have I seen one as fat as this fella' was...
...I wounder what they've been feeding him?

These two Silver-backs above were drawn very loosely based(obviously) from a picture in a book I saw at Barnes & Noble. It's just me getting ready for the Gorilla exhibit that's about to open this next month. I can't wait!! :D